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Accommodation for exchange students

Kristianstad University can help you to find a room in a student dorm for the time you will study in Kristianstad.

Whether you want us to arrange it for you or not, please fill in the accommodation form when admitted, in the on-line application system and send it to us on time, so that we know what you want and that we will have time to organize it before you come.

More information about the accommodation you can find in the Survival Guide (The Survival Guide will be updated shortly).

NB! Your future landlord might charge a deposit in connection with your taking up residence. The deposit may amount to three monthly rents. The sum will be repaid in full after an executed and approved inspection of the flat. Your landlord will answer questions concerning a possible deposit charge and the state of the flat after your removal.

Please, also observe that you have to pay the full price for the first and last month of your stay (January – June in the spring semester, August – January in autumn semester) even though you choose to come later / leave earlier! (normally full 5 months)

You will have to sign a Tenancy Agreement when you arrive. A three month's notice must be given before moving out. The notice must be given in writing and it is counted from the 1st of each month.

If you have further questions regarding accommodation please send an email to

If you want to find accommodation on your own,

please contact one or several of the following companies:

You can find other companies and private landlords at:

Here you can find some general information about accommodation when studying in Sweden.

Updated: av Marie Gunnarsson Ekström