Courses for exchange students

This page is only for exchange students from Partner Universities.

In order to make your choices, please note the following:

  • each course has specific admission requirements – always check for this, and if you have questions contact
  • some courses are internet based - you can only take 7.5 higher education credits (ECTS) per semester of those internet based courses and only if doing full time studies of 30 ECTS/semester
  • if you want to take a course given in Swedish - this can only be be done if agreed upon and if meeting language qualifications as well
  • certain courses are better suited to take together in order to avoid interference in schedule etc as for example:
    • Business courses

If you can't find courses for the entire semester in your subject, your home university may consider that you choose one of the following courses: Swedish for International Students I, Sweden Past and Present or Intercultural Communication. These courses are offered both autumn and spring semester.

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Group of international students spring 2014

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