Experiences from former exchange students

What's it like to be an exchange student at Kristianstad University? Well, we let the students tell their own stories of their stay in Sweden. Read what they have to say.

  • Tatjana Visnevska, Latvia

    Why are you here?
    That's a question I have heard at least one hundred times. Now, looking back, I could say – it was meant to be.

  • Adrian, Spain

    My name is Adrian, I'm from Córdoba, a very beautiful city located on the south of Spain. I was in Sweden last year, from August to June, thanks to the Erasmus program and the agreement between my home university and Kristianstad University.

  • Julian from Brazil

    I stayed the best semester in my life in Kristianstad University, I was supposed to stay only 1 semester, but I got the possibility to stay 1 year.

    I am from Sao Paulo in Brazil, a city of 14 million habitants that is totally different from Kristianstad, but I fell in love with the city.

  • Gökce & Antoine

    Kristianstad...It was the place were we met and fell in love!
    ...and it will be always the most special place on earth to us! Especially the forest and the lake close to the white building that we spent our first times together, discover each other, our cultures, our differences but also similarities. We spent six months in this wonderful atmosphere and everything around us and everybody we met made it better.

  • Lea Troulay, France

    I'm a French student studying business. I spent 5 months in Kristianstad…it was amazing! I met people from all over the world, I discovered new ways of life, new ways of thinking. I learnt a lot about many different cultures but also about myself. It' was very rewarding to be in such an international context.

  • Irina Kalinina , Russia

    A Castle Tour, Teaching at a Swedish School and a Trip to See the Northern Lights during winter 2012/2103
    I was always interested in the culture and history of the Northern Europe. ... And that is why I decided to apply for the ERASMUS scholarship to spend the winter semester of 2012-2013 at Högskolan Kristianstad – a University in the South of Sweden.

  • Agnieszka Kieroñczyk, Poland

    My name is Agnieszka Kieroñczyk and I am from Poland. Why I chose Sweden? I just always wanted to come here. Again, WHY?
    First, because of ABBA! Second, in high school I had Swedish language and culture lessons, which gave me a small insight into Swedish culture (it is not common in Poland – I was really lucky!).

  • Quotes from previous international students

    In an evaluation questionnaire for exchange students staying in Kristianstad during autumn 2011, the students were asked to comment on what their exchange studies at Kristianstad University had meant to them.

  • Zhang Hongxia, China

    I really enjoyed the time in this University. What impressed me deeply is the kindness of the Swedish teachers and the students. The teaching methods are characterized by cooperation and interaction. I liked to work with international and Swedish students, we can learn so much from each other.

  • Alexander Alin, Germany

    What an unforgettable time!

    Kristianstad is a town in the northeast of Skåne... This and more information you can find in every travelling guide, but what you can't find is that being an exchange or international student in Kristianstad might be one of the best times you have in your life!

  • Carmen Winter, Germany

    Arriving at the Högskolan was really nice. Karen from the International Office welcomed us and we felt home from the first moment.

What's it like to be an exchange student at Kristianstad University?

Experiences from former exchange students

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