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itslearning is a learning manage system is used in all courses and programs at Kristianstad University. itslearning is a web service, which allows you to log in from any computer. You can also log in from a smartphone or tablet.

Persons with computer

How to log on to itslearning

  1. Go to
  2. Choose login option "Log in with HKR-konto"

Important information

Registration gives access to your course(s)

To gain access to your course you must be registered. To find help for registration, please visit My pages. After you have registered, it can take up to one day before the course is available on itslearning.

Activity control in third course week

In almost all courses there is an activity control in the third week of the course; you have to confirm that you intend to continue the course. If you do not participate in this activity control you will lose access to the course.

If you have lost access to a course you intend to go, you should contact the student administration in your school as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

I have not received / lost my password

You can request login details or update your password online.

I cannot log into itslearning even though I have the password

  • Check when your course starts.
  • Make sure that you are registered at My study information.
  • Your access to itslearning will be activated one day after registration.
  • Make sure you select the login option "Log in with HKR-konto".

I cannot find my course

The two most common reasons are that you have not yet registered for the course, or that you have missed the activity control in third course week. Log on to My study information to check if you are registered. Contact student administration at your school if you think something has gone wrong. Note that it takes up to one day after registration before the course becomes available in itslearning.

How often do I have to log on to itslearning?

How frequently itslearning is used varies greatly between different courses. Some courses require you to log in several times a week to keep up with the discussions online, in other courses, you might not need to log in more than to submit an assignment or download a document. You will receive information from your teacher regarding what applies to your course.

Some student information from the University and from the programs is provided via itslearning. If you are a full-time student, you should make it a habit to log in at least once a week. Remember to log in during the third week of the course for participation in the activity control.

How do I download itslearning?

You do not need to download anything in order to log into your course. Just open the program you normally use to browse the internet. However, some parts of the course material might require special software. The most common are Flash Player to see movies in the course, Adobe Reader to read documents in PDF format or Office to open uploaded documents.

On your smartphone or tablet, please log in exactly the same way as on a PC. There are currently no special app for itslearning. Just use the app on your mobile device that is designed for web pages (usually Safari or Chrome). There is a Mobile login page for itslearning. It is intended for older mobile phones and is not recommended for those who have smartphone.

Contact Details

Your teacher(s)

Log on to your course in itslearning and click the link Participants to the left and you'll find your teachers. You can send a message directly from the participant list. Telephone numbers and e-mail to all employees can be found through the search box in the green bar at

Student administration

School of Health and Society - or +44 20 31 00

School of Education and Environment - or +44 20 32 00


For technical support, turn to IT educators at Learning Resource. You can reach us through the University helpdesk - or +44 20 30 30.

For personal help, we offer drop-in at 12:00 to 13:00 every weekday during term time. You will find us in the computer room 07-323.

Log in to itslearning

  1. Go to
  2. Choose log in option "Log in with HKR-konto"

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